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American Food Store in London

Importing your favourite American Groceries



From Post Office to American Food Store ...

After 38 years as a family Newsagents and Post Office in London's Notting Hill, the bean counters at the Treasury (read Blair Government) decided to close our Post Office down in June 2008.

Stuck on what to do, we decided to indulge our love of American Foods. All those holidays in Florida had fostered a taste for the good things: Lucky Charms, A&W Root Beer and those yummy Twizzlers and Nerds. Yes these items are available in the U.K. but boy are they expensive!

We decided to offer a wider range of American products and most importantly to work on sensible margins (we are after all trained as newsagents not purveyors of overpriced American Groceries!)

Several years down the line and our product range has increased to over 1000 items; everything you really miss from the States: Candys, Sodas, Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines Cake Mixes, etc. Oh yes, we also discovered that American Branded products that are available in major stores are not the REAL THING. Betty Crocker and Mountain Dew are the obvious examples. Cheerios, the UK version, is all sugar, while the AMERICAN Version is sugarless. So for a taste of REAL American Imported Foods, Candy, and of course American Sodas, check us out.

American Food Store
Importing Your Favourite American Groceries
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