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Woolite Dark Care Laundry Detergent,HE, 50 fl oz 33 Loads

Woolite Dark Care Laundry Detergent,HE, 50 fl oz 33 Loads
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Woolite Dark Care Laundry Detergent, 50 fl oz 33 Loads H.E

Designed for use in all regular and high-efficiency washing machines, Woolite Darks high efficiency liquid laundry detergent has a special formula that cleans all types of fabrics and helps maintain the original color intensity of your jeans and dark clothes without causing fading, shrinking or stretching, so dark colors stay vivid and clothes look like new for longer.

  • Dark colors stay vivid and bold for longer
  • Keep your clothes looking like new longer
  • Clothes like new even after 20 washes
  • Does not cause fading, shrinking or stretching
  • Ultimate protection for clothes with refreshing Midnight Breeze scent
  • Designed for use in both regular and high-efficiency machines


Instructions: Formula for all washing machines: for best results: medium load washes:fill between lines 2 And 3. machine wash: select appropriate washingcycle. Follow the garment label instructions for water temperature. Fortop-loaders: fill machine with water. Pour woolite into water. Addgarments. For front-loaders: pour woolite into dispenser/drawer.





Please see the main description which has details of product ingredients

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