American Microwave Pop Corn Original Favour 281g

American Microwave Pop Corn Original Favour 281g
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American Pop Corn Natural Flavour 281g

3 pop in bags each 3.3oz


  • Ingredients

    Popcorn, Palm Oil with Preservative (TBHQ), Salt, Potassium Chloride, Natural Flavor, Color (Annatto Extract).
  • Usage Directions / Dosage

    Microwave Popping Instructions: 1. Microwave ovens vary - cook times may need to be adjusted. 2. Remove plastic overwrap, unfold bag, and place bag with directions side up in center of microwave. 3. Set time for 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds, on high. 4. Stay nearby & stop microwave when popping slows to 1 to 2 seconds between pops. 5. Do not let popcorn overcook, since scorching and burning could result. 6. Bag will be hot! Remove carefully from oven and open top of bag away from face by slowly pulling diagonally at corners. Hints & Important Safety Information: Children should not prepare without adult supervision. Do not leave oven unattended when preparing this product. Do not use the microwave popcorn button on your microwave. Popping times are affected by the model, age and power of your microwave. It is normal for some kernels to remain unpopped. Do not repop or reuse the bag. Do not place bag on paper, plastic microwave cookware, or turntables/carousels which were not an original part of the oven. Popping performance in small ovens may improve by placing bag on an inverted microwave-safe glass plate.

Please see the main description which has details of product ingredients

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